Thursday, 4 February 2010

4th November – Dynamite...

I slept in as I was very tired from yesterday’s exertions over the rocks. I emerged from my tent to see a few anglers fishing in the big pool in front of the camp. Spirits were a little low after yesterday. Rup had heard dynamiting upstream and the rafters had seen dynamiting downstream when they went to survey the next series of rapids. They were even given a 7lb Boca by the dynamiters who were carrying a 40lb+ haul of fish away from the river. It seemed that the golden mahseer had either disappeared downstream to the Subansiri or else they were freaked out by the dynamiting and not in a feeding mood.
Rup and I fished downstream for about 3km in really good looking water without a touch. We clambered and climbed our way around a sheer cliff to reach a really good looking pool. I used my fish finder in this pool to get a feel for what was out there. The fish alert signal bleeped regularly at me but I reminded myself that it didn’t mean they were mahseer. I took the slow action as an opportunity to wash my clothes and myself in a rock pool.
There were amazing boulders strewn along the river bank with patterns and strata that made them look like giant boiled sweets. There were also many beautiful butterflies and plants to distract us from the lack of action in the water. The sky clouded over in the afternoon and a light rain fell for a spell which cooled things down.
Back at camp, Sanjay managed to hook a good Boca of about 12lbs in the afternoon which fought well for 15 minutes before coming off. This lifted our spirits a little when we heard about it and then Alka hooked and lost a Boca near the camp just as the light was fading. The fireside talk over supper discussed moving further downstream to reach the Subansiri earlier than planned in order to get away from the water disturbed by the dynamiting.

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