Thursday, 4 February 2010

15th November – Back to Guwahati…

Today was supposed to be another day in the national park but we weren’t in the mood really and decided to leave early and head back to Guwahati.
After the usual hotel breakfast where toast arrives hours before the jam and butter and nothing is available on the vast menu, we set off to Guwahati, eight hours away. The drive took us back over the Brahmaputra and we arrived at our hotel by late afternoon. The hotel was comfortable and overlooked the river where fish kites circled endlessly looking for prey.
After dumping our bags in the room we headed into the centre to buy a few things and see the aftermath of the 18 bombs that tore the city apart a few weeks ago.
It was business as usual and the streets were full of traders and people going about their daily lives. So that’s the effect that terrorists have – nothing in the long run. On one street that had taken a direct hit, it was virtually impossible to see any signs of the bomb blast. A small notice of solidarity hung at the spot where the bomb went off but this was largely obscured by all the market traders’ goods and people milling about as normal.
We discovered another threat to the city too. Apparently there have been an increasing number of people being attacked at ATMs in the city by – leopards! I guess the leopards need cash too and haven’t figured out how to use the keypad yet.
The evening was spent drinking and having a lazy supper. We all made phone calls and repacked our bags for the flights tomorrow.

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